Store Credits: what are they?

Store Credits are discounts credited to the purchase price of selected products when purchased from the MemPlaza Marketplace.

Store Credits are earned in several ways, including, but not limited to, being awarded to a customer who is successful in one of our Live Auctions.

The My Wallet of your account shows the Store Credits statement (Store Credits earned, Store Credits used for further discounts on purchase and the balance available).

Products with Store Credits Discount

The products which, if purchased, provide a Store Credit discount may vary time by time. The offer of Store Credits on certain products can last from one day to several days. There is no assurance about the timing of the offer or the Store Credits value for each product.

Check now today's products to reedem your Store Credits

The discount offered as a Store Credits is reflected on the product page and will be automatically reflected and highlighted in the net sale price as well as highlighted in the customer’s cart at checkout.


  • On Registering with MemPlaza: if a promotion is active in your Country, it is represented on the registration form. When the registration is confirmed you are rewarded with the amount of Store Credits represented.
  • Live Auctions: If Live Auction promotions offering Store Credits are available, you earn Store Credits for every successful purchase.

  • Invite a Friend: After your invitation, each friend who registers with MemPlaza entitles you to receive an amount of Store Credits.
  • Social Media: you may earn Store Credit by spreading the word on social media using your unique link (see Refer a Friend section). You may accomplish this by adding these hashtags to your posts: #ShopAtYourPrice #MemPlaza #GetInspired #MemPlazaStoreCredit.

1. Store Credits cannot be exchanged for money.
2. Store Credits are not refunded under any circumstances, including, but not limited to a cancellation of an order for any reason.
3. In case you close your account with MemPlaza, the Store Credits are automatically extinguished