Processing Time

Confirmed Orders received during normal business hours will be fulfilled, if the product is available, within three (3) days (i.e.processing time) from receipt of a completed order.

Orders placed on a weekend or holiday will be processed within three (3) days after the first normal business day.

Our member Merchants may offer, time by time, “Free Shipping” or “Free Shipping Eligible” products.

Note for our US Customers: some our of Merchants ship products only within the 48 contiguous States.

Free Shipping

A “Free Shipping” product is a product which includes in the purchasing price a Standard Shipping Method with tracking system. Within Memplaza.com “Free Shipping” products are highlighted with a green label.

A “Free Shipping Eligible” product is a product which does not include shipping costs. However, it becomes “Free Shipping” if the total order (composed of more than one item) from the same Seller is higher than the minimum order value as detailed in the product page. Within Memplaza.com “Free Shipping Eligible” products are highlighted with a yellow label.
The minimum order value total is calculated AFTER any promotion and or discount, Store Credits deductions, or gift wrap charges

Free Shipping and Eligible for Free shipping products are available only for selected countries (it depends on your country of registration) and only for products purchased either in the LIVE AUCTION or in the MARKETPLACE.


You may select to purchase products from several Sellers. Because your selected products may not be located in the same warehouse, during the checkout process you will be notified that your Order will be fulfilled from multiple facilities. You will have an option to select the Shipping Method you prefer per each fulfilment center.

Most shippers offer some form of package tracking. You may select the Shipping Method with tracking system if you wish to have information about the shipment. This service may be accessed directly from Memplaza in the “My Orders” section under your account.

Products won in the Live Auctions

Items purchased in Memplaza’s 30 seconds Live Auctions are not eligible for “Free Shipping” or “Free Shipping Eligible” offer, unless otherwise shown in the checkout process and only for users registered in certain countries (example USA users).

All shipping costs are calculated upon checkout.

What are the shipping costs?

Whether you buy in the MarketPlace or you win a Live Auction you have to pay the shipping costs unless the Seller offers “Free Shipping” or “Free Shipping Eligible” products. Please note that "free Shipping" or "Free Shipping Eligible" offers are limited for Shipping to selected Shipping Countries and they are available to MemPlaza users registered users registered in certain countries (example USA users).

How are Shipping Costs calculated?

Shipping costs are calculated based on:

  • 1. Shipping methods available for the shipping country a. More than 130 countries have available more than one shipping methos.
  • 2. The weight of the product(s) of the order.
  • 3. Whether the order is composed of at least one product with a battery. Please note that products with battery are subject to restrictions imposed by the carriers.