We are dedicated to ensure all customers buying products from our Sellers on MemPlaza are completely satisfied.

In this endeavor, we have created a Limited Buyer Protection Policy which all MemPlaza sellers are required to comply with to remain as one of our suppliers.

If you, as a Buyer, are not satisfied, for any reason, you may request to return the item(s) purchased for up to 15 calendar days after delivery according to the Seller's Return Policy.

You will receive a refund upon the return of your purchase as detailed in Seller's return policy.

If you have not received an item after 30 days of the estimated delivery time indicated, you may access your account and open a ticket notifying the Merchant about the delay. After reporting the non delivery, if the item has not been confirmed delivered through tracking after 90 days from the shipping date a full refund will be processed or the Merchant has the option to ship you a new item at at Seller’s expenses. You may purchase, for certain products and certain shipping countries, Insurance against shipping loss. In this case, at your choice, you may be fully refunded or you may ask to have the product(s) shipped again at no cost for you.

If the item delivered by the Seller does not match the description of the product detailed on MemPlaza.com, please notify us by opening a ticket to the Merchant. To open a ticket, access your account, then "My Orders" and finally open the details of the order. In this section you can open a ticket related to the specific item. The Merchant with the support of MemPlaza Team will attempt to solve your claim with the Seller. The Seller will be immediately notified and he has the option either to deliver the right product at Seller’s expenses or to refund the purchase price.


MemPlaza shares with the Sellers Buyer shipping and email address’. The Sellers may also disclose their email addresses. If a Buyer decides to solve an issue or request a refund directly with a Seller, the Limited Buyer Protection Policy does not cover any actions taken outside of the MemPlaza platform. Any issue with an order should only be resolved through Memplaza.com.