Square wireless multi-function selfie remote shutter

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Material: ABS
Wireless distance: 2-10m/6.56-32.8ft
Operating system: For Android IOS PC
Battery: Li-battery 3.7V 180mA
Continuous time: About 40h
Working current: 0.5-4mA
Standby current: 0.5-1mA
Charging current: 5V < 200mA
Shut down current: <20uA
Weight: 25g
Operating range up to 10m.

The main function details are as follows:
1 :All camera photos and video functions can be controlled using this remote control (sliding screen function, not all functions).
2 : You can use this remote control for watching Tv shows and movies to fast forward and rewind and one-button mute.
3 : E-book software applications and web pages that can be turned left and right remotely with this remote control.
4 : Some classic games such as parkour games and 2048 that only need to slide up, down, left, and right can be operated with this remote control without delay.