Electric face pores cleaner

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Material: abs
Output voltage: 3.7V
Rated output power: 0.8W
Rated current: 220MA
Charging method: USB cable charging
Gear: three gears
Product Size: 185 * 35 * 35mm
4 replacable heads
1. Dry the water or other liquid on your hands before use to prevent water or other liquid from entering the body through the vent hole on the back of the body, thus damaging the body.
2. Do not use scrubs or other exfoliating products before or after use.
3. Microdermabrasion with micro-crystal head, dry skin once a week, oily mixed skin can be used twice a week, each time can be used for no more than 5 minutes, depending on the skin condition.
4. Please do not press the tip on the skin because the instrument will produce a strong pulling force.
5. Please do not use the same part continuously, it may cause reddish purple skin. If this happens, please stop using it.
6. After the end of the nursing, it will be a normal phenomenon due to speeding up the circulation of the skin, and the skin will have some irritation or redness. It will automatically disappear after about 30 minutes of use. Please do a good job of keeping your skin warm.