Eye massager fade dark circles vibration massage

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Size: 172*68*38mm
Product features: lifting and tightening eye massage vibration
1, fade the crow's feet, the law lines and so on. Intermittent regular micro-vibration stimulates the subcutaneous tissue to the muscles, repairing the skin's elastic fibers and collagen tissue, thereby stretching and reducing wrinkles.
2, increase skin moisture, elastic skin. By stimulating the micro-current, the aging cells fall off the surface of the skin with blood, and the water content of the skin increases and is full of elasticity.
3, dilute dark circles, stains and so on. Stimulates the activation of the dermis layer of the eye skin, promotes the decay of the skin to proliferate collagen, and through the cell massage, the skin care products quickly penetrate into the deep layers of the skin to achieve the effect of smoothing wrinkles and diminishing dark circles.
4, the introduction of essence, supplement nutrition. This instrument not only has the effect of wrinkle, but also can introduce nutrient essence into the dermis layer, which is twice as much as ordinary iontophoresis.
5, instantly relieve eye fatigue, eye discomfort. Microcurrent can relieve pain, fatigue, and relieve eye pressure.