Wireless bluetooth hat

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The big trouble for music enthusiasts in the winter is "listening to music, freezing ears". Is it really impossible to have both music and warmth?
The product that saves the world is finally born - knit a Bluetooth music cap to warm your music.
As a music cap, the main function is of course to play music. But you may have to ask, where is the headset?
In fact, the music player is in the hat! Built-in high-quality speakers on the brim, it has excellent sound quality, and has simple buttons that allow users to enjoy their favorite music at any time.
Keep your head warm during the cold winter, and listen to music and answer calls at the same time.
The hat is a flawless hat woven from wool
Can be synchronized with your phone, dual-powered speakers
Can be cleaned normally after removing the earphone
The sound is not easy to leak, it will not disturb others when using the headphones.
Continuous use for 5 hours after full charge
USB charging, don't worry about voltage
Listening distance is 10 meters
A built-in microphone can be used as a hands-free headset for smartphones