Small Octopus Tripod

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[Product parameters]
Working height: 70mm
Working height: 165mm
Contraction height: 165mm
Interface: Standard 1/4
Suitable for: compact cameras and mobile phones (<500g)
Size: 165 × 35 × 35mm Tripod is about 16.5CM long
【product description】
1. A very interesting mini tripod with a detachable head.
2. Although it is small in size, it is powerful, its overall appearance is very different from other tripods. Although its legs can't be stretched like a normal tripod, it can be twisted 360°. This feature makes this tripod extremely adaptable, as long as you can rely on three legs to fix the tripod.
3. This tripod uses natural rubber as the main material, which can highlight the wear resistance and applicability of the tripod. Its portability and strong adaptability make it a good assistant for photographers.