Meat tenderizer with 48 needles

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Material: ABS plastic and steel
Size: 15*3.5*15cm
- Professional for steak, meat and others!
- Better cooking result
- Helps reduce cooking time by up to 40 percent;
- Helps meats cook perfectly by reducing shrinkage
- Tiny heat channels are created without changing shape or appearance of meat
- Resulting in faster marinades!
- Safety and easy to use - Safe to carry with the protection cover, as the blades will deploy while you press it into meat.
Automatically retract when you lift, just press several times, the sharp blades will penetrate into the meat and help the marinades to permeate into the tissues quickly and deeply.

1.Please place the meat on the cutting board to prevent injuring the blades.
2.Eliminate the bones or thaw frozen meat firstly before you use the item to prevent breaking the blades.