UV nail dryer

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- MOUSE SHAPE: foldable support frame suitable for traveling and easy to carry due to it's compact shape, size and weight.
- BATTERY: built-in lithium battery, which can work without connecting to USB line after it is fully charged
- DOUBLE LIGHT SOURCE: they are 365nm and 405nm, ensuring the color of nail gel. Its sunshine light has no harm to nails, eyes and your skin.
- LONGER USE LIFESPAN: this UV nail lamp will quickly dry & cure all of your UV and LED nail gel polishes thanks to 6pcs long-lasting LEDs light beads. For some nail polish that are difficult to dry (such as black nail polish, UV glue), you need to extend the drying time to 90S (just dry it for 2 times)
- EASY TO USE: press the switch for 1s and after the leds light flash 3 times in the faint light state, it will turn into standby with the led light not shining. Press the switch once in the standby state, and the tool will begin to work with the led flash for 45s and then it will automatically turn off. Press the switch for 1s, after the leds light flash 2 times in the faint light state, it will turn into power off with the led light not shining

Input Voltage: 5V
Input Current: 1.2A
Power: 6W
Drying Time: 45S